About Us

Mustafa Aral

ARALSAN was founded by Mustafa ARAL[*] in 1998. ARALSAN produces steam boiler and heat equipments developed by its own technology with innovative approaches.


Instead of classical boiler production, ARALSAN, which holds the process solutions as the preliminary plan, also has the capacity to undertake "turnkey" projects in Turkey and abroad as an engineering firm. Having consultancy service on heat economy, ARALSAN has the success of creating feasible economic solutions.


Aralsan Isı Cihazları İnş.Tur. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., founded by Mustafa Aral (Mech. Eng. M. Sc.) in 1999, has aimed to produce its products on the base of its own engineering capacity since its establishment. Aralsan using its own knowledge not only manufactures steam boilers and heat equipments but also gives engineering services to supports its customers to make correct process solution and logic investment by giving process analyzing consultancy. This is also the most important feature that sets Aralsan apart from his opponents.


CE Mark

In steam boilers, CE marking is carried out after each individual boiler is examined separately. Aralsan, which holds the user safety on the front panel, delivers each produced steam boiler and heat device to the customers with the CE certificate according to module G under the 2017/68 / EU PED (Pressure Equipment Directive).

Aralsan always remember the engineering oath, given below, taken by its founder Mustafa Aral when he graduated from İDMMA Mechanical Faculty and behaves with this ethic understanding.

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